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Year 3/4 trip to Warner Brothers Studio.


Last week, Sycamore, Cherry and Birch class were lucky enough to visit where the Harry Potter films were made.  There were lots of glamorous costumes, props and gadgets throughout the Great Hall and many other rooms.  We especially liked Hermione’s dress from the Yule Ball, it was very beautiful and the icicle designs looked even more sparkly in real life.

Whilst having lunch, we had an unfortunate meeting with the deadly Death Eaters.  Miss Summers was very nearly captured but we managed to survive their curses and heckled and booed them until they left us alone!

We were taught about the special effects that were used  during the making of Harry Potter, we even got to experience the Green Screen effect on the broomsticks.

Our favourite part was the Forbidden Forest as it was very eerie, especially with the smoke, thunder and lightning effects.  Aragog, scuttled towards us while other monstrous spiders dropped from the ceilings!

We all had an amazing day!  Thank you to F.I.R.P.S for donating money towards our fantastic trip.


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