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Year 5 Pupil Voice


Last week, the children of Year 5 (Holly and Willow) had the opportunity to experience how it felt to be in space. We were really lucky to be given this opportunity and learnt so much from it!

Everybody had a tremendous time during learning. Despite the fact that there was no ice-cream (like there was during the Horrible Histories trip) we still had a excellent time!

During the time we had in the astrodome, the man talked about space and told us lots of interesting facts. We watched a rocket launch to the moon and saw footage of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon in 1969. When we looked up at the ceiling of the Astrodome we were all gasping on how wonderful it was.

As we were all discussing the experience we began to talk to each other about how wonderful it was. We were also able to ask questions during the experience and the man was really clever and knew lots of things. When talking about the experience, Sarah said: ”This was an amazing experience l would love to do it again.”