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Horrible Histories Awful Egyptians


On the 21st September 2018, Year 5 went on a school trip to watch Horrible Histories at the Orchard theatre. Willow and Holly class had the privilege of dressing up like Egyptians. Although we did not have the whole day to watch the play, it was still great entertainment and we learnt lots of new and exciting things about the Egyptians and their way of life. During the play, we learnt how to mummify the dead and cool facts.  Did you know that Ramesses the Great had 100 children?!

During the interval we had vanilla ice cream and along with that we had 3D glasses to watch the second half.There were also different schools, so year 5 had to be very well behaved to show a good example for our school. The actors showed us what happened in Egyptian times and we think that it was good for us to learn about them.  It will definitely help us when learning more about Egyptians!

By Poppy, Preet, Sarah and Rosie.